DKP Mens’ Divorce Law Group

The DKP Mens' Divorce Law Group is not about "bashing" women. In fact, these serious matter(s) have little in common with the spouse and more directed towards the laws you will be subjected to; that is,our critical goal is empowering men and, thus, leveling the legal playing field prior to the divorce, during the divorce, and post-divorce.

While we believe the laws were created in an fair attempt to be impartial, in our opinion and experience, that is simply not the case in application. Typically, men find themselves at a serious disadvantage; especially when children are involved.

Many times both spouses seek divorce committing to to be amicable at first, and once attorneys are retained and inject themselves in between the spouses, and the divorce process begins, those initial good intentions vanish and amount to only words to be forgotten.

If you have children, our primary goal is to secure the best interests of your children are addressed first, and at the time, we secure that you maintain the parental relationship as a loving/caring father.

DKP Mens' Divorce Law Group is populated with attorneys that are formidable in divorce law, complex litigation, and trial work in the event that varying types of representation is necessary. No two cases are the same. Not only do we have the legal experience necessary to assist the  client, but we have the personal experience to fully understand the emotional component of the divorce process.

We will share with you our professional experience, powerful legal skills, and our personal stories in order for you to understand that MDLF is the law firm  that will walk you through this rather difficult and long process. We are a different type of law firm ... We are an effective law firm.

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