About Us

Attorney -- David A. Philips, JD LLM


David Philips, JD LLM takes an unusual approach to combine his complex litigation/trial experience with divorce law. He learned to do so through his own personal experience. Mr.Philips found that there are generally three different types of divorce firms. One, law firms that are production-line oriented and do not have any specific focus on their clients and their needs. This appears to be the most common. The second type of divorce law firm are attorneys that proclaim to be knowledgeable in divorce law but are truly general practitioners. And third, the hybrid attorney such as here--a powerful attorney(s) that has the ability to achieve optimal results.

Our legal approach enables DKP Mens' Divorce Law Group to provide and create very strong results--possible sometimes under very tenuous circumstances. Divorce is rarely a simple process, and especially when there are children involved.

Mr. Philips has attended very prominent law schools and has earned a Masters Degree in law. While he was suspended by The Florida Bar for 30-days it was for an incident that occurred approximately two years ago, reasons that are unrelated to the practice of law.  In fact, Mr. Philips has earned a notable reputation as being a top-rated and skilled attorney. He achieves bottom-line results that benefits his clients.  Mr. Philips represents musical and film celebrities, notable businesses and business persons, at least 30 of his cases have be published  in national and local newspapers articles, and he had made television appearances on profile cases.

Because of his own personal experience and learning what type of legal representation a client truly needs legally, Mr. Philips decided to create a distinctive and very different divorce law firm where the client is protected, placed on an even playing field, it does not learn the hard way that mistakes in marital law are sometimes irreversible.